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[266 - 09/23/12] Up super early for Automass 2 with the bf. He wasn’t participating in the drift event but he was helping out with equipment & we were there to support our friends. It was on & off sunny but it was windy which made it cold! Good thing the bf came prepared with chairs and blanket. Got to see all the action on the other side of the fence this time and had smoke and tire bits all up on our faces ha. I can’t wait till the bf gets his car ready so i can finally see him drift! Food trucks at the event. Some were the same ones from the previous Automass this year so we decided to try the new ones. Lillie Q for Pulled Pork sandwich & Pulled Chicken for the bf. I wish we didn’t have such a long walk back to our area cause it made the food cold so it was ok. Got some Flirty Cupcakes which was also ok. not so much to my liking. Had a very long day out but it was nice to watch our friends in action. Kbbq after which replaced the smells from the track hah.

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